Thriving Teen - Senior Puppy Course

For adolescent puppies aged 4 - 12 months old

Just when you thought all your puppy problems were coming to an end, you've found yourself with an unpredictable teen who seems to have not only forgotten all of their prior training, but they also seem to have developed a severe hearing problem.


Adolescence is the age where puppies are becoming more independent and much more interested in what is going on around them. They find it harder to focus on you because their confidence is growing and they want to investigate the world on their own terms. While your young dog may appear all grown up and they are acting for all the world like they don't need you, they are still very much a puppy. They need your guidance and training now more than ever! In my Senior Puppy Classes we will work on developing your puppy's focus, calmness and confidence while boosting your relationship through games and training.

Course Summary

6 Weekly Classes

Classes are held at 12pm on Sunday afternoons at the Wagga Women's Shed on Beckwith Street. Classes are capped at 6, so your dog won't be too distracted and you get the attention you need to be successful. Classes are held at a private venue so there are no unwanted interruptions.

Video Tutorials

Orientation videos get everyone off to a flying start before the first class. A breakdown of the foundation skills every dog needs. Lifetime access to video vault. Share your training with others involved in the care of your puppy so everyone is on the same page.

Downloads Available

If videos aren't your thing, there's PDF's available to download  on every subject. Keep on top of your training with help from my training tracker.


You receive 6 months phone and email support when you enrol as well as access to my exclusive online community support group only available to clients of Your Dog & You. It's like having a trainer in your pocket for all your training related enquiries.

You will learn

An awareness of dog's body language, so you know when they are happy or stressed. Problem Prevention Strategies aimed specifically at your teenage puppy. The benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training You get coaching in the skills you need to be successful at training.

Your puppy will 

Willingly swap one item for another Sit, Down, Come when called Stay briefly in position Begin learning how to walk on a loose lead Start to develop their impulse control

Course Pricing

  • Thriving Teen - Senior Puppy Course
  • $240 AUD

    Sunday October 16th

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  • Thriving Teen - Senior Puppy Course
  • $240 AUD

    Sunday August 7th

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Jodie Barnes

Course Curriculum